The 2022 Ottawa Civic Prayer Breakfast is on October 28th


October 28, 2022

6:30 am  Coffee & tea available in the foyer
7:15 am  Breakfast is served
7:30 – 8:30 a.m  Live streamed OCPB Program

Ottawa Conference and Event Center

Our OCPB 2022 Speaker

Daria Nardozza

Through Daria’s work of liaising with local churches to help meet the changing needs of cities with the goal of lasting change, hope and improvement, Daria will answer the annual OCPB question: Who is My Neighbour?

With initially seven churches, and ultimately seventeen, the church leadership in West Island in Montreal asked the question of each other “What can we do better together?” They corporately prayed, discerned and then collectively worked to love their neighbours, stories of which Daria hopes to tell.

Daria grew up in the West Island of Montreal (Beaconsfield) and left home at 17 to pursue an education in Christian ministry. In 2005, she graduated from Heritage Bible College with a Bachelor of Religious Education in Counselling. In 2010, while working with 24-7 Prayer (Canada and International), she completed her M.A in Global Urban Ministry, studying the social effects of globalization and urbanization and how churches could better meet the needs of changing cities.

Daria began working part-time with the West Island Network in 2017 with a heart to see more unity among West Island churches and greater community impact through churches collaborating both with one another and the community. She now co-facilitates the Poverty Reduction and Social Inclusion round table in her neighbourhood and works with many churches and community organizations to help create lasting change.

Presently, Daria is the Director of Community Engagement at Waybase, whose purpose is to connect churches, ministries, agencies, and marketplace leaders into regional leadership networks that leverage trust, forward-thinking, shared data, and coalitions to engage a new generation and care for our cities.

Daria is married to Matthew and together they have a seven year old son named Gabriel. Daria enjoys all things food, health and fitness and loves to hike in the mountains with her family.

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A Message from Our Speaker

Daria Nardozza

Why A Prayer Breakfast?

We pray at a breakfast because people of faith in Christ are exhorted and encouraged to pray for all in authority so that we may lead quiet and peaceable lives in all godliness.

1 TIMOTHY 2:1-2

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What Our Guests Say 

Beautiful, humble, Spirit infused

A beautiful, humble, Spirit infused prayer breakfast. Garth's message was compelling for people to want to learn more about who is the God He serves and how one can be a better neighbour. Pausing to celebrate and give thanks, Alana

Amazing and engaging

I won’t lie, I normally plan to watch these online events while multitasking and doing other things… but I couldn’t even do that this morning! The Prayer Breakfast was amazing and so engaging, even virtually! All of it. I love how you guys do this. Garth's talk, wow! It’s also the first hybrid event I’ve seen done so well. Amazing job to you and your team. Daria

Who Is My Neighbour?

"Congrats on a great breakfast. Oh my, it was so well done. It was great to hear from the lady at the nursing home and some of the unbelievable stuff they had to work through. Nigel was an amazing guy. His face just shone the love of Christ." Lorne

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