“An excellent virtual breakfast this morning.

Thanks for being instant in season and out of season, 2 Timothy 4:2. 

I was touched by the story of the lady from the long-term care facility. She represents a multitude of unsung, unheard, unacknowledged heroes in our city. Thank you and the organization of the OCPB for bringing light to her story. 

I greatly appreciated Nigel’s answers about we being quick to look at the weaknesses of the young generation and missing their benefits. 

It was amazing to learn about GenZ, and their openness to mental health issues (with no stigma), their empathy, their sensitivity to social justice, their interest in racial relations and their cognizance of the world as a global village, (thanks to social media) . 

Thanks Everyone for your excellent leadership, for moderating a successful event and for your well discerned prayers. 

Lastly to all who prayed, thank you.”