What Our Guests Say


"The virtual breakfast was outstanding. As much as we missed meeting in person, the presentation, speakers and format was exceptional. My congratulations to you and your team." David

Who Is My Neighbour?

"...I believe the Lord was glorified...His name lifted up and exalted over the city of Ottawa--in song, words spoken and conversations. The leaders and first responders were honoured and words of appreciation given to them for their labours."

Qui est Mon voisin?

"...It is one of the few gatherings where folks in the Christian community can come together under one roof and connect--relationships strengthened.  May we continue to cover these folks in prayer and those seeds planted in their lives and hearts."


"...What a difference! I came away feeling that the Christian community is a kind caring community that cares deeply about our City.  Most importantly it is a community that believes in prayer."

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