Beautiful, humble, Spirit infused

A beautiful, humble, Spirit infused prayer breakfast. Garth’s message was compelling for people to want to learn more about who is the God He serves and how one can be a better neighbour. Pausing to celebrate and give thanks, Alana

Amazing and engaging

I won’t lie, I normally plan to watch these online events while multitasking and doing other things… but I couldn’t even do that this morning! The Prayer Breakfast was amazing and so engaging, even virtually! All of it. I love how you guys do this. Garth’s talk,...
Nourishing and Christ-honouring

Who Is My Neighbour?

“Congrats on a great breakfast. Oh my, it was so well done. It was great to hear from the lady at the nursing home and some of the unbelievable stuff they had to work through. Nigel was an amazing guy. His face just shone the love of Christ.”...
Nourishing and Christ-honouring

Qui est Mon voisin?

“Thank you to everyone who made this all possible … I am grateful to our amazing Lord that in the midst of lockdowns, quarantines, isolation and, social distancing, He had all this technology in place enabling so many of us to “attend”...
Nourishing and Christ-honouring

Ottawa Civic Prayer Breakfast

“THAT was excellent!!  Thank you so much! What a delight to participate & hear all these incredible stories.  I especially liked that you asked the tough questions and did not gloss over anything.” Carol