What Our Guests Say

I Loved It

I think this morning’s event is the best one yet. It seems they get better every year. I was so gripped by what the speaker had to say and the soloist has the most fabulous voice! I had two guests with me who both really enjoyed it, their first time there. One is not yet a Christian. As soon as we headed for the car she was saying. “I loved it”. What a great ministry this event is. Janette

Classy and Outstanding

I loved Sarah praying one prayer. I think she offered continuity and allowed her to simply shine in her sweet spot. Daria was outstanding - a mix of fact and passion with personal storytelling. You could have heard a pin drop at the end and I was not in the room! Alana

Nourishing and Christ-honouring

Congratulations again on a wonderful Prayer Breakfast! It really was a "nourishing" and Christ-honouring morning in so many ways. Thank you for your servant leadership Wow!!!! Gabe

Amazing and engaging

I won’t lie, I normally plan to watch these online events while multitasking and doing other things… but I couldn’t even do that this morning! The Prayer Breakfast was amazing and so engaging, even virtually! All of it. I love how you guys do this. Garth's talk, wow! It’s also the first hybrid event I’ve seen done so well. Amazing job to you and your team. Daria

Who Is My Neighbour?

"Congrats on a great breakfast. Oh my, it was so well done. It was great to hear from the lady at the nursing home and some of the unbelievable stuff they had to work through. Nigel was an amazing guy. His face just shone the love of Christ." Lorne

Qui est Mon voisin?

"Thank you to everyone who made this all possible ... I am grateful to our amazing Lord that in the midst of lockdowns, quarantines, isolation and, social distancing, He had all this technology in place enabling so many of us to "attend" gatherings that hold a special place in our hearts .... It was lovely to see so many loved people .... Andrea

Ottawa Civic Prayer Breakfast

"THAT was excellent!!  Thank you so much! What a delight to participate & hear all these incredible stories.  I especially liked that you asked the tough questions and did not gloss over anything." Carol

Petit déjeuner-prière municipal d’Ottawa

"An excellent virtual breakfast this morning. Thanks for being instant in season and out of season, 2 Timothy 4:2.  I was touched by the story of the lady from the long-term care facility. She represents a multitude of unsung, unheard, unacknowledged heroes in our city. Thank you and the organization of the OCPB for bringing light to her story.  I greatly appreciated Nigel's answers about we being quick to look at the weaknesses of the young generation and missing their benefits.  It was amazing to learn about GenZ, and their openness to mental health issues (with no stigma), their empathy, their sensitivity to social justice, their interest in racial relations and their cognizance of the world as a global village, (thanks to social media) .  Thanks Everyone for your excellent...

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